Accounting and Inventory System

A complete Accounting & Inventory System branded as Eulap's flagship owned software. These are tools that every business needs if they want to stay competitive in their industry. Complete from revenue to disbursement cycle, Elasticbooks tracks every transaction that is connected to the business. Monitor inventory level, pricing, movement, and sales with just a few clicks. Generate critical financial reports in just a second. Available thru cloud or on-premise, Elasticbooks is sure to be the best tool that can help with your success.

Product Features

Process Oriented Flexibility
Check and balance is one of the most important business practices that should be implemented in every business. The system can handle the check and balance of financial transactions. It will help the company record and track all  transactions. The system is flexible and capable of following your existing workflow and process. We understand that every business process is unique this is one of our foundations in creating our system. Elasticbooks can follow whatever process and methodology in your current setup. From forms to reports, we can customize everything based on your requirement. 
Centralized System Business Advantage
The system can handle all your company and branch financial transactions. Financial reports can be generated from the system regardless of location, that can be used in making an important business decision.
 Each business has its core competence that is focused to deliver their client's needs. We understand that maintaining and supporting any software is a responsibility. The system is not purely a software but more of a support that lets you focus on your business while we handle your software needs. 


 Receipt Cycle
Disbursements Cycle
Inventory General Journal/ and Reports
  • Customer Master File
  • Accounts Receivable
  • AR Invoicing
  • Cash Sales
  • Account Sales
  • Customer Balances Summary
  • Customer Transaction History
  • Aging of Receivables
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Supplier Master file
  • Supplier Balances
  • AP Invoice
  • Check Voucher
  • Check Printing
  • Aging of Payables
  • Supplier Invoice Register
  • Payment History
  • Payments Register
  • Expenses
  • Tracing of post dated checks
  • List of outstanding checks
  • List of deposits in transits
  • Receiving Report
  • Return to Supplier
  • Return to Stocks
  • Transfer of stocks
  • Inventory Listing
  • Bin Card Report
  • Stockard per item
  • Daily Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Tracking of in and out of items
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Accounting Analysis
  • Entry Register
  • Posting Process
  • Period Closing
  • Adjustments
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance


Subscription Type Accounting Accounting With Inventory
Quarterly (15% Off) 
Semi-Annual (30% Off)
Annual (50% Off)



5 Users

16 Hours user training

Server configuration and setup

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Technical Support