About us

Eulap Software solution started on October 2011 in the attic of Marcelo Green Paranaque City with only two employees. During that time the vision of Eulap was to provide software solution for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) especially on accounting and inventory control. Because of the competition here in Metro Manila, Eulap decided to move to Mindanao because of the untouched potential of IT (Information Technology) Solution needs and the available talents.

So Eulap Software Solutions was legitimized in Mindanao. During its inception, our aim is to create IT opportunities for the talented graduates residing in South Cotabato. Eulap was successful in creating an Accounting System based on the Cloud and was able to implement it to clients also residing in the area.

After sometime, Eulap acquired a Japanese client and established an office in Alabang, Muntinlupa. This time, Eulap created Mobile Solutions on Android and Digital Media solutions for the Japanese client.

As of 2014, we have developed highly skilled developers creating new business solutions and also maintaining the service to the clients. Support and maintenance is the priority of Eulap as we believe that no software is perfect and the only thing that makes it close to perfect is the support of the developers.

Eulap has two offices, one in South Cotabato and one in Alabang, Muntinlupa. South Cotabato office focuses on developing the enterprise solutions while the Alabang office focuses on the school systems, mobile development, outsourcing and the marketing of the products within Metro Manila. These two offices ensures a streamlined support for every client to keep the customer satisfaction.

Eulap recognizes the need for every business to utilize the latest and most cost effective technology that is currently available to work in their advantage. We strive to make the most out of every opportunity and continue to help your business grow.

Our products and Services

Elasticbooks - A centralized, flexible and customizable, cloud based solution. it is designed specifically for business enterprises. It is a cost effective solution that has the features that will help businesses grow. The following are the different modules of our product.

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Customer Loyalty System
  • Complete School System
  • Manufacturing and Processing System

Kontaks - A mobile application that sorts the user’s contacts into network groups. This application can save phone bills or prepaid loads as he can identify if the number he is about to call or send a message is in his network or not. An extension is currently under development to support offline public numbers with an ability for contextual searches.

Outsourcing - We have highly skilled developer with inshore and offshore software development experience. Below are the services that we offer.

  • Embedded System
  • Java Enterprise Application
  • Web Development
  • Amazon and Google Virtual Machine Administration
  • Integration to any third party software
  • SMS (Short Messages System) Integration
  • Android
  • IOS

Other ventures

We have partnered with FastTrack Solutions, a leading provider of SAP solutions to be an SAP Extended Partner. This will give Eulap the ability to support other businesses such as those on the manufacturing sector.